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Unlocking the 'make a difference gene'

I first saw it when Grace emailed me about running a DanDaLion event at St Mary's College, Ipswich. Then again when Taylor and Bec came to me at the finish of our first Baking Pride experience at St Peter's College, Indooroopilly and asked 'how do we get involved with DanDaLion?'.

Little Things Count.....

My sister dropped in a cutting from my late fathers original favorite orchid two months ago. It was a little bedraggled, so this very special floral keepsake came with tremendous responsibility. It needed to be nourished and kept alive, symbolic of nurturing the memory of my father.

What George from Seinfeld can teach us

It's the classic Seinfeld episode where chronic under achiever George Costanza decides to do everything 'opposite' in the hope that it will change his life.

Creating Intangibles

I have a new favourite word.


Courage In A Foreign Land

The young man walked out the front door not knowing whether he would return.

DanDaLion's Christmas Message

Not many of us have the privilege of experiencing 19 Christmases through our child's eyes. Nor do many fathers get to play Santa Claus 19 times in a row for their son.

It Takes A Special Person

This article reproduced with the permission of the author - Ken Medland - DanDaLion's Monday Development Coach. Enjoy.

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